Excerpt: From Chapter One

Breakfast of Champions … Eggcelent Choice

Wake up and smell the coffee! It’s time to face the daily grind.
Hurry, hurry don’t be late, and remember to be kind.

Another hectic schedule overflows my cup.
Is it really Monday? Who’s going to walk the pup?

Why can’t we sleep in late and leisurely sip coffee in our bed?
The alarm goes off for the second time … oh my aching head.
Today’s triple shot espresso better jump-start my morning routine.
See you later alligator; I’ll be home at 6:15.

No time for breakfast what a shame, the most important meal of the day.
I guess I’ll run on empty and will myself through another day.

Traffic here, traffic there, morning traffic everywhere.
Uptight drivers in a world of their own, does anyone really care?

Something’s got to give I say, how can we live this fast?
A little voice whispers in my ear … “remember the ways of your past.”


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