Interview With The Author

Why did you write this book?

Writing a book was my ultimate long term nursing career goal.  I wanted to be able to pass on valuable wellness information to my children, family, friends, clients, and community.  Throughout my nursing and speaking career, I received positive feedback about my “original” handouts.  I used the health and happiness information I gathered and weaved it into a FUN, practical, no nonsense wellness book.

How long did it take you to write Sunny Side Up?

Five years to write Sunny Side Up: Health and Happiness by the Dozen.

Plus 1 year of editing.

Plus 1 more year of editing, cover design, etc. with Wheatmark Publishing.

What research did you do for this book?

30+ years of “hands on” Nursing with “real” people.

Read hundreds of books on health, wellness and happiness.

Attended 100+ professional conferences on health, humor, stress management, team building, and wellness.

How can Sunny Side Up help the reader?

Sunny Side Up is a light hearted, no nonsense wellness book intended to help the reader make positive physical, emotional, and spiritual changes.  You can read one chapter of Sunny Side Up per week or one chapter per month.  The pace of readingSunny Side Up is determined by each reader’s priorities and progress.  You may choose to start reading Sunny Side Up at Chapter 3 or even Chapter 10.  Start where you like or where you need the most guidance.  The more chapters you read, the greater your chance for wellness.

Who do you think would be most helped or interested in your book?

Anyone age 16 and over who is seeking health and wellness.  Sunny Side Up is a useful tool for starting your very own Breakfast Club.  Since their are 12 chapters inSunny Side Up, your family, friends, co-workers, support group, church group, parenting group, professional organization, community group, etc. can review one chapter per week or one chapter per month and share positive changes with your Breakfast Club members!


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